By Laws



HOOD COUNTY   BY LAWS, Revised 2018


Section 1-1 Name

The name of this organization is The Salvation Army Women’s Service League of Hood County, hereinafter referred to as the “Service League.” of THE SALVATION ARMY TEXAS DIVISION/COMMAND, hereinafter referred to as “Texas Division”.


Section 2-1 General Purposes

It is the purpose of the Service League, consistent with these Articles, to assist The Salvation Army in connection with a particular part or all of the programs carried on at the Texas Division and, in cooperation with the Advisory Board, to assist with all Salvation Army activities in the community.

Section 2-2 Relation to The Salvation Army

The Service League is not independent of The Salvation Army.  It is part of it, created by act of the duly appointed governing authority, the Territorial Commander.  The Service League functions as a fund raising and volunteer service group.  A designated Representative of the Divisional Service Extension Unit serves as an ex officio member of the Service League.


Section 3-1 Types of Membership

The Membership of the Service League shall consist of the following:

A.   Ex Officio Members: The Representative is a Salvation Army staff member designated by The Salvation Army, Texas Division.  His/her primary responsibility is to act as liaison between The Salvation Army and the Service League.  It is the duty of the Representative to explain all policies and procedures.

B.  Regular Members:Outstanding non-Salvationist women in the community not employed by The Salvation Army, who by their influence or activity can further the work of the Army may be Members.  The number of Members shall be unlimited.

Section 3-2 Term of Membership

Term of membership constitutes one fiscal year from September 1 to August 31.  Upon payment of dues each year, Members shall be entitled to vote and participate in all activities and have an indefinite term of Membership.

Section 3-3 Resignation and Removal

A.  Resignation: A member may resign by giving written notice of her resignation to the President.

B.  Removal; A Member is subject to removal at any Meeting of the Executive Committee, or at any time by the Texas Divisional Commander by delivery of written notice of the removal to the President or Secretary.  The President or Secretary, as the case may be, shall notify a Member of her removal.

Section 3-4 Dues

A.  Annual dues are for fiscal year from September 1 to August 31.

B.  Dues are delinquent after September General Meeting. But member may be reinstated when dues are paid.

C.  Dues must be paid by September meeting to be listed in yearly Directory. 

Section 3-5 New Member Dues

Any new Member joining and paying Membership Dues after February of the current year shall be valid for the remainder of the current year and extend through the following year.


Section 4-1 Notice of Meeting

Each Member shall be notified of the day, time and location of all meetings prior to the scheduled date of the meeting, by Service League Newsletter sent via email.

Section 4-2 Presence of Representative

Every General Meeting should be attended by a Representative of the Divisional Service Extension Unit or an alternate designated by her.

Section 4-3 Regular Meetings

Regular monthly General Meetings are to be conducted September through May on the 2nd Tuesday of each month with the exception of December (due to Christmas Party).

Section 4-4 Special Meetings

Special Meetings of the Service League may be called by the President or the Representative, or a majority of the Executive Board.

Section 4-5 Quorums

At all regular General Meetings one-fourth of all Members shall be necessary and sufficient to constitute a Quorum for the transaction of business except in the case of amending the Bylaws which requires a two-thirds vote of members.

Section 4-6 Order of Business

The order of business at any General Meeting, unless waived by the Executive Committee, shall be:

  • Call to Order
  • Invocation
  • Reading of the Minutes
  • Treasurer’s Report
  • Committee Reports
  • Unfinished Business
  • New Business
  • Adjournment

Matters of policy and action taken by the Executive Board are presented for approval at the regular General Meetings of the Service League.


Section 5-1 Officers

The Officers shall be President, 1st Vice President – Membership, 2nd Vice President – Programs, 3rd Vice President – Projects, 4th Vice President –Ways and Means, Recording Secretary, Treasurer, Corresponding Secretary, Chaplain, Parliamentarian, Information Specialist, Publicity, and Historian and such other officers shall be referred to as the Executive Board.

A.  Election:  The Officers shall be elected at the General Meeting in April and installed at the Annual General Meeting in May to serve without compensation until the date their successors are elected. The Officers are eligible to succeed themselves, provided, however, that no person may hold the same office for more than three consecutive one-year terms.

B.  Resignation of Office: An Officer may resign by submitting her resignation in writing to the President or Recording Secretary.

C.  Removal of Officers:  Officers are subject to removal at any General Meeting of the Service League by an affirmative vote of two-thirds of all the Members of the Service League or at any time by the Texas Divisional Commander by delivery of written notice of the removal to the President or Recording Secretary, as the case may be, shall notify an Officer of her removal.

D.  Vacancies: Nominees to fill vacancies in any office shall be proposed by the Nominating Committee for the unexpired term and presented to the Service League for approval at its next regular General Meeting or at a special meeting called for that purpose.

Section 5-2 Duties of Officers 

A.  President: The President shall preside at all General Meetings of the Service League and the Executive Board and shall be a Member ex officio of all committees except the Nominating Committee.  The President may designate another Officer as a member ex officio of one or more of such committees in her stead.  The President and her appointed designee shall be ex officio members of the Advisory Board and attend all Board Meetings to report on Service League activities.  The President shall appoint the Chairman of each Committee, except the Nominating Committee and those Committees otherwise provided for in these Bylaws.  The President shall have the power to create special committees subject to the approval of the Representative and the Executive Committee.
B.  1st Vice President – Membership: The 1st Vice President shall assist the President and perform the duties of the President in the latter’s absence.  She shall serve as Chairman of the Membership Committee and maintain the Membership Roster.

C.   2nd Vice President – Programs: The 2nd Vice President shall preside in the absence of the President and the 1st Vice President. She shall serve as Chairman of the Programs Committee.

D.  3rd Vice President – Projects: The 3rd Vice President shall preside in the absence of the President, the 1st Vice President, and the 2nd Vice President.  She shall serve as Chairman of the Projects Committee.

E.  4th Vice President — Ways and Means: The 4th Vice President shall preside in the absence of the President, the 1st Vice President, the 2nd Vice President, and the 3rd Vice President.  She shall serve as the Chairman of the Fundraising Committees.

F.  Recording Secretary: The Recording Secretary shall attend and keep record of all General Meetings of the Service League and the Executive Board; she shall transmit copies of the Minutes to the Membership, the Representative, and through the Representative to the Texas Division Headquarters.  In the event of the Secretary’s absence from any General Meeting of the Auxiliary or the Executive Board, the President shall designate another member to act as Recording Secretary.

G.  Treasurer: The Treasurer shall deposit all funds received in the bank or banks designated by The Salvation Army, Texas Division for the deposit of the particular funds, in every case in an account identified as “The Salvation Army Service Unit of Granbury, Texas 76048”.  Working with the President, she shall prepare an annual budget for approval by the Executive Board. And should be presented in General Meeting to Members                                                   

  1. Accounting and Reporting:  The Treasurer shall keep an account of all funds received and disbursed.  She shall render to the Service League at each regular General Meeting, Executive Committee meetings, and whenever requested to The Salvation Army, written accounts of all her transactions as Treasurer.
  2. Record of Receipts and Expenditures: She shall keep an itemized record of all receipts and expenditures in a permanent file to be kept with the Representative at the Divisional Service Extension Unit, Texas Division.
  3. Approval of Expenditures: Any expenditure over $300 must be approved by the Executive Board, the Advisory Board, and then be approved by the Representative of the Salvation Army, Texas Div.
  4. Purchase and Accounting Procedures:  Purchases and operating expenses such as printing, postage, bank charges and fundraising events are proper direct charges to The Salvation Army account at First National Bank of Granbury.  All reimbursements must have a reimbursement form accompanying request for payment.

H.  Corresponding Secretary: The Corresponding Secretary shall conduct the correspondence of the Service League including Care Cards to those members who have special needs or as directed by the President.

I.  Chaplain: The Chaplain shall present a Devotional at the beginning of each monthly General Meeting and at the beginning of each Executive Board Meeting.

J.  Parliamentarian: The Parliamentarian shall be the immediate past President and shall attend all General Meetings of the Service League and the Executive Board and advise, when requested, all Officers, Chairmen and Members on parliamentary questions.  She shall abide by the rules contained in the current edition of Robert’s Rules of Order Newly Revised, and serve as the Chairman of the Nominating Committee.

K.  Information Specialist: The Information Specialist shall be in charge of  sending out the monthly newsletter, serve as webmaster and send any mass mailing required by the President or other officers.

L.  Historian: the Historian shall be in charge of keeping an accurate record of a activities and information pertaining to the organization in a book that will cover a fiscal year, from September to August 31.     

M.  Publicity: The member in charge of Publicity shall work closely with the President and other officers to promote activities of the organization.   


Section 6-1 Standing Committees

There shall be six standing committees of the Service League:  Executive Committee, Nominating Committee, Programs Committee, Fundraiser Committees, Projects Committee, and Membership Committee.  Special committees may be designated from time to time pursuant to resolutions of the Service League.

Section 6-2 Number of Members

The number of members of each committee, other than the Nominating Committee, shall not be fixed, provided, however, that the Executive Committee shall have not less than five members.

Section 6-3: Ex Officio:

The President and the Representative shall be members ex. Officio of all committees, except the President shall not be a member of the Nominating Committee.

Section 6-4:  Officers of Committees

The Members of the Executive Committee shall consist of the elected Officers and the Representative.  The Executive Board is expanded to include Committee Chairmen and other appointees as deemed necessary by the President.

Section 6-5:  Meetings of Committees

  1. Notice:  Committee meetings may be called by the President, the Representative, the Chairman of the committee, or any three Members of the committee by giving at least two days’ notice of the date, time, and place of the meeting to all Members of the committee.
  2. Quorum:  A majority of all Members of a committee shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business. The act of a majority of the Members present at a meeting at which there is a quorum shall be the act of the committee.

Section 6-6 Responsibilities of Standing Committees

The responsibilities of the standing committees are as follows:

A.  Executive Committee: To consider all business requiring attention during the intervals between General Meetings of the Service League, and to approve special committees created by the President and approved by the Representative.

B.  Nominating Committee: The Nominating Committee shall have five Members, two of whom shall be from the Executive Committee and three of whom shall be Members-At-Large from the Service League’s general membership.  It is to consider and propose to the Service League nominees for Officers of the Service league.  Nominees for regular elections will be submitted for a vote at the April General Meeting.  Nominees to fill vacancies occurring between Annual General Meetings will be submitted at   the next regular General Meeting of the Service League.

C.  Membership Committee: 1st Vice President shall be Chairman of this committee and it involves acting upon applications for Membership; to provide name tags at all General Meetings; and to encourage active support of the Service League and The Salvation Army by existing Members.

D.  Programs Committee:  The 2nd Vice President is Chairman of this committee and it is in charge of planning programs for each General Meeting

E.  Projects Committee: The 3rd Vice President is Chairman of this committee   Its purpose is to research and prioritize the needs of the community in conjunction with The Advisory Board and the Texas Division/Service Extension Unit then to carry out those projects approved by the Executive Board and the General Membership after consideration of funds available.

F.  Fundraiser Committees: The 4th Vice President shall serve as the Chairman of these committees.  The purpose is to acquaint itself with the financial needs of the community and the Service Extension Unit and to recommend to the Service League means for raising necessary funds.

G.  Additional Committees: Need may arise in connection with additional or unusual service programs conducted by the Army in the community, for additional committees to supplement the standing committees.

Section 6-7 Permanent Records

All records of the Service League are to be retained permanently in the office of the Representative.


Section 7-1 Dues

The Dues to be paid by Members of the Service League shall be fixed from time to time by the Service League.

Section 7-2 Deposit of Dues

Dues paid by Members and all other funds raised by the Service League shall be deposited and disbursed as provided in Section 5-2 (F)

Section 7-3 Audit of Financial Records

The financial records of the Service League shall be subject to audit annually by the official auditor of The Salvation Army.

Section 7-4 Restrictions Relating to Property

Neither the Service League nor any Officer of Committee of the Service League has power or is authorized:

A.  To own or hold title to property of any kind, real or personal, devoted to or received for the benefit of The Salvation Army’s activities.

B.  To sell or otherwise dispose of any property of The Salvation Army or to invest any funds intended for use in Salvation Army activities.

C.  To accept, execute, or deliver any document in the name of or in behalf of The Salvation Army except as expressly authorized in writing by The Salvation Army, such documents, including those relating to litigation, gifts, bequests, or contracts, being required to be transmitted to the Texas Division through the Representative, for appropriate action.

D.  To sell donated items designated for free distribution by The Salvation Army.

Section 7-5 Confirmation of Financial Statements

All financial statements by the Service League to the public, to a funding body or fund appeal, in connection with a local report, shall, after approval of the Texas Division, be signed by the President and Treasurer and released.



Section 8-1 Coordination by Advisory Board

The Hood County Advisory Board shall be kept informed on all fundraising, planning of budgets, and publicity activities of the Service League

Section 8-2 Membership Ex Officio on Advisory Board

The President of the Service League and her designee shall be members ex officio of the Advisory Board.


Section 9-1 Alcoholic Beverages

The Salvation Army has long been recognized for its stand on total abstinence.  Salvationists have pledged themselves to abstain from the use of all intoxication beverages.  In view of this position, it is inappropriate for anyone to arrange for the sale, dispensing of or consumption of alcoholic beverages at any activity associated with The Salvation Army.  Advisory organizations and other groups supportive of The Salvation Army should exercise their influence in planning civic and other activities benefiting the organization to preclude the serving or alcoholic beverages and also to avoid the publishing of cookbooks containing recipes which include alcoholic beverages.

Section 9-2 Conflict of Interest

A.   Members of advisory organizations and other groups supportive of The Salvation Army shall exercise good faith in all transactions touching upon their duties in an advisory capacity. They shall be held to a strict rule of honest and fair dealing between themselves and The Salvation Army.  They shall not use their position or knowledge gained there from so that a conflict might arise between the interest of The Salvation Army and that of the individual.

B.  Such persons shall not accept nor offer any gifts, favors, or hospitality that might influence decision making or actions affecting The Salvation Army.

C.  Although it is recognized that a degree of duality of interest may exist from time to time, such duality shall not be permitted to influence adversely the decision-making process of The Salvation Army. To this end, any person subject to this policy shall promptly report the possible existence of a conflict of interest for himself/herself or any other persons subject to the policy.  The report shall be made to the Chief Executive Officer of The Salvation Army Advisory Organization.

D.  A full disclosure of all facts pertaining to any transaction that is subject to any doubt concerning the possible existence of a conflict of interest shall be made before consummating the transaction.
E.  Where any expression of conflict of interest seems even remotely possible, the person/persons potentially involved shall remove himself/themselves from any processes leading to recommendations or decision making.

Section 9-3 Gambling

The Salvation Army is acutely aware of the suffering and deprivation visited upon thousands of persons as a result of gambling, which seeks gain at the expense of others, solely on the basis of chance.  Experience indicates that many who gamble disregard their primary responsibilities in life and frequently bring embarrassment and hurt to those dependent on them.  Its continued practice often leads to grosser excesses and tends to undermine the personality and character of the gambler. Official sanction and public acceptance of this practice is contrary to Christian principles to which The Salvation Army subscribes.  Therefore, the Service League, in keeping with the spirit and standards of The Salvation Army, shall not promote gambling in any form for the purpose of raising funds.  All games of chance are included in this restriction.

Section 9-4 Gratuities

Orders and Regulations for Officers of The Salvation Army prohibits officers from earning outside income or receiving gifts.  To maintain and under gird the high integrity of officers, and to prevent any possible misunderstandings, board members are advised that any expression of appreciation they may wish to give to Salvation Army officers and/or employees for any reason and on any occasion is best provided through a gift to Salvation Army funds or an article that may be used by a corps or other Salvation Army center.

Employees of The Salvation Army may not accept cash payments or gifts-in-kind from those doing business with The Salvation Army, whether or not such payments are characterized as “gifts”.  Both officers and employees may, on occasion (such as Christmas), accept token non-cash gifts, such as fruit, flowers or candy. 


Section 10-1 Lifetime Members:  A member who gives a minimum gift donation of at least $1,000 shall be designated as a Lifetime Member and be presented with a certificate and honored at a General Meeting and her name shall be displayed on a Lifetime Member plaque at each General Meeting

Section 10-2 Service League Emblem:  The official emblem of The Salvation Army Women’s Service League should be on all forms of recognition (e.g. plagues, certificates, Service League letterhead, Membership Roster, etc.)

Section 10-3 Service League Pin:

When nationally approved, a Service League pin may be made available.


Section 11-1 Organization and Reorganization:

The procedure for the original organization of a Women’s Service League and for the reorganization of a Service League in existence on the date on which The Salvation Army may issue revisions to these Articles, will be governed by the “Organizational Procedures” contained in The Salvation Army Manual of Advisory Organizations.

Section 11-2 Revision of By Laws:

These By Laws are subject to revision from time to time by the Service League in conjunction with the Representative, Texas Division

Section 11-3 Definitions:

The term “The Salvation Army” used herein means The Salvation Army corporation having jurisdiction in the community, as described in The Salvation Army Manual of Advisory Organizations.  The terms “Representative”, “Division Service Extension Unit”,  “Texas Division/Command”, “Divisional Headquarters”, and “advisory organizations” are used herein as the same as used in said manual.  The terms “Advisory Board” and “association” as used herein means The Salvation Army Advisory Board and The Salvation Army Association, respectively, organized in the community.


Section 12 – 1 Parliamentary Authority

The rules contained in the current edition of Robert’s Rules of Order, Newly Revised shall govern the Service League in all cases in which they are not inconsistent with these Bylaws, or the rules and regulations of The Salvation Army, and any special rules of order the Service League may adopt.


Section 13 – 1 Amendment of Bylaws

The amendable portion of the Bylaws may be amended at any regular General Meeting or special meeting of the Service League by a two-thirds vote, a Quorum being present, provided notice of a proposed change was given at the previous regular General Meeting and in writing to the Membership through the Newsletter.

Section 13 – 2 Salvation Army Amendments

Any changes to the Bylaws necessitated by amendments from The Salvation Army shall be affected by the Bylaws Committee and reported to the Executive Committee at their regular General Meeting and to the Membership through the Newsletter.

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