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Jul 232019


From the desk of Linda Silver, our President

Good Summer Day!

It is certainly my pleasure to be your President this year.  I look forward to working through WSL with your help to accomplish our goals of service this year.  Many of us are good friends, but sometimes we get set in our ways, especially at our meetings.  Hopefully, that will change in September!  Come and participate in the fun!

Several of you have donated time helping Kathy Jenks, our camp liaison, who will give you a run down and shout out to all who helped her with Camp Hoblitzelle kiddos.  Shelley Deal, our Projects VP has already done a lot at the GISD Clothes Closet, and is gearing up for one of our largest projects, Operation School Supply that will be held August 1.  She will give you information on how you can help out. 

Maybe some of you don’t know our other board members so in this issue and a couple following we will be spotlighting our new Vice Presidents.  Lori Sipowicz, our Vice President Programs, is both new to WSL and to Granbury.  She will give you tidbits about her family AND her “forever” home—you’ll know what she means when you read it!

Next month we’ll enjoy hearing from Shelley who has only been here a couple of years but now serves as our Projects Vice President.  October issue will highlight our Ways and Means (Fundraiser) Vice President, Ellen Tennison who has some neat ideas on Fundraiser activities.   Can’t say enough about Deb Cuellar, who is serving as Vice President Membership for the second year.  She and her husband, Eduardo, are both active in Disaster activities.  How special is that?  I can’t begin to tell you about Genie Cass, our Recording Secretary.  She has been in several WSL capacities and always the best!  To me she is an amazing secretary and I have no clue how she can be so complete and thorough in her minutes.  You just wait and see!  Cindy Neale hasn’t been in WSL too long but you will appreciate her care when sending out thoughtful notes to our members.  More on her later too.

Jan Bowers, our Treasurer, is someone we can’t do without.  She is the most dedicated money handler ever.  Can you imagine what it’s like for her at our Fundraiser?  All that cash, checks and credit card purchases she has to keep track of—Wow!  And then there’s Laurie Viselli, my guardian angel, who took over the Newsletter for me after all these years.  I have no doubt the newsletters will be like the Fundraisers she was in charge of—over the top!  Dona Wright, our Historian, did double duty last year—not only our Yearbook creator but was also in charge of “tickets” for the Fundraiser.  Next is Faye Landham our Publicity gal.  If you want something done ask a busy woman—and that fits her to a tee.  She is involved in everything important here in Granbury plus she’s now President of Lake Granbury Newcomers.  Donna Roessler has worked as Kettle Chair for several years scheduling members to ring those all-important bells.  Suson Crawford, our Chaplin, has been on the board two years.  You’ll see what a great job she does at our September meeting.  Don’t think I need to mention our Parliamentarian, Sharon.  We all admired her in her presidential years due to her dedication and hard work. Hope she will get to relax a little now!

There you have it.  Your board is dedicated, excited, and ready to do a great job this year.  I feel privileged to know and respect all for their special qualities that each brings to work and lead on our behalf!  If one does something outstanding—like we may have new name tags in October from Deb, or a new newsletter format from Laurie—Show your appreciation with a smile or hug!!

In fact, do something every day that makes you happy!

Hugs to each of you!



CAMP HOBLITZELLE 2019 by Kathy Jenks

Registration for camp went so much better this year and was actually a good experience.  Bernard Tolan, our rep from DHQ, was so helpful and easy to work with, addressing every question and making sure our registrations were filled out correctly.  There are still a few issues with the computer program and Bernard is aware.  But overall, this year was a dream compared to last year.  We had issues with the community centers not supporting the camp this year so a big THANK YOU to Mary Flores and Marsha Dickens for their help with campers at the Oak Trails.  Your help was greatly appreciated. 

We had 12 children signed up for kids camp.  One got sick so 11 attended kids.  The kids were awesome on the bus trip and all 11 had a great time and want to attend next year.  I have spoken to the parents since we returned and all have said their kids had a great time and definitely want to go next year.  So that is good news. 

A big shout out and thank you to Shelley Deal who checked all the campers heads for lice or nits.  Shelley checked one week before the kids went to camp, one child had lice.  The mom was told how to treat the child and when Shelley checked all the kids before they got on the bus, everyone was good and I am happy to report that no child from Granbury was sent home. 

We have 2 teens going to teen camp.   We were not given any teen slots to begin with so thank you Bernard for finding slots for Granbury.  And thank you to Andrea Bauer and her partner for taking the kids to camp and Suson Crawford and Debbie Cuellar for volunteering to pick the kids up. 

I had to turn 2 campers away as there was a cutoff for applications that was not communicated ahead of time.  Knowing this, next year we will ask the question in advance on when registration ends so we can communicate that to our parents.  It is a good idea as it gave us time to fix anything that needed fixing but it wasn’t like that last year so I had no idea until a few days before registration closed that there was a deadline.  This was for all camps, not just kids camp, so even the teen camp closed on June 7. 

The camp experience itself was as rewarding as always both for kids and volunteers.  Love seeing the kids have such a good time.  Our volunteers enjoyed the activities as much as the children.  It was not as hot this year as last year so that was good news as we do a lot of walking.  To see kids ride a horse or feed a longhorn, shoot an arrow, zipline, canoe, or fish for the first time was so awesome.  To see the friendships develop, the kids accepting Jesus into their lives and the tears as they leave camp was an experience that stays with you. 

Camp would not have been as successful as it was without all the women who helped from finding campers, head checks, transporting campers and volunteering at camp. 

Just a reminder that the camp is not just for disadvantaged kids.  The Salvation Army camp is a church camp that is open to all children, regardless of income.

Thank you to each and everyone of you.   Kathy


3nd Vice President Projects by Shelley Deal


This will be a frequent request you will hear from me this year! I know many of you are eager to be involved.

Our first project is Operation School Supplies (OSS) on August 1st. (check out their Facebook page)  We will be providing 5 pairs of socks any hygiene products for approximately 1100 Granbury ISD families that have signed up for this program.

We will need volunteers on July 25th to re-package socks and hygiene bags. From 9-12:00 at the Clothes Closet, 10 people would be great.

July 31: 5-6 ladies to help move socks to the High School and set up the table. (SUV’S needed)

August 1 from 8:45-5:00

Shifts/5 people/shift: 8:45-11:00,11:00-1:00, 1:00-3:00, 3:00-5:00

The other projects in which we will need help are:

1. Clothing Closet volunteers,(sort, inventory, packaging etc)

2. Help with school nurse hygiene kits

3. Nursing home visitation (not just during the holidays)

Please call, text or e-mail me if you are able to help out with OSS.

Thank you in advance! Shelley Deal 210-488-2380

            Meet our 2nd Vice President

My name is Lori Sipowicz.  I am originally from Fort Worth and moved to Granbury 2 years ago when my husband retired from the Air Force after 27 years of service.  We moved 17 times in 27 years and are so happy to be back home!  We have 3 children. 

Our oldest son is serving in the Air Force, our middle son works as a data analyst and our daughter is a Trauma ICU nurse.  I have a degree in Business Administration and I have worked in consumer lending, underwriting and I am currently a Realtor with Elevate Realty Group in Granbury.  I am thankful and blessed to be a Breast Cancer Survivor!  I love to scrapbook, read, shop and spend time with family and friends.

I was presented the Yellow Rose of Texas Award signed by Gov Greg Abbott at my husband’s retirement in May 2017 for my work as a Key Spouse helping military families during deployments.  I now look forward to serving the people of Granbury as 2nd VP Programs, making new friends and enjoying our forever home…and never moving again!

Have you paid your dues for 2019-20? They are due now and it will be too late after the September meeting to go in the Directory.

Mail your check with the attached membership form filled out. If there are any changes to your info, be sure and let us know!

Do you have service hours? Would you like credit for them?   If so, send name, hours, and organization (it is not just volunteering for the WSL)  to


Meet Cindy Wise – The Salvation Army Office in Granbury

Cynthia (Cindy) Lynn Wise was born to Majors Jim and Janice Bovender of The Salvation Army on May 16, 1971 in Falls Church, Virginia.   She is the eldest and has one brother who lives in Crowley, TX along with his wife and three children.

Cindy entered The Salvation Army School for Officers Training as a Crusader for Christ in August of 92’ and was ordained as a LT. on June 5, 1994.  Cindy and her best friend (Philip) also a fellow Crusader were put together by God.  They grew up as teenagers together, went to seminary together and then a year after seminary fell in love and were in engaged.

Phil and Cindy were married in1996 and served together side by side as Ministers of the gospel seeking souls, feeding the hungry, loving those that no one else wanted to love for 13.5 years.  They served in Maryland, West Virginia, Virginia, and Arkansas

During this time they opened their hearts and home to four beautiful children.  In 2003 they became parents for the first time to a 14 year old young lady named Crystal and in 2008 they became parents to three rambunctious siblings named Thomas (2), Dorothy (4), and Vincent (6).  Our family was finally complete and we were filled with over joy presence of God’s love.

Our perfect little family was destroyed on Christmas Eve 2009 when Phil was murdered in front of our children outside of our church by two young men.  However, it did not stop me from taking what Satan intended to bring evil but I wanted his murder to be used for God’s purpose.  I clung to the song by Chris Tomlin “God of the City” and to the words of Matthew 19:26 “ With man it is impossible but with God all things are Possible”  That’s exactly what we did, we glorified God, millions found out The Salvation Army was a church, reporters started coming to our Sunday services.

I continued to serve but 10 months later I decided to it was best for my family to take time to get us mentally and emotionally healed.  During this time my mom got sick and I was able to spend every day with her until the last day of her life.

I took an early retirement from The Salvation Army in 2012 and began working as a Social Worker with them.   It was the best solution for our family.  My children were thriving and it was not in their best interest to move every few years.

In January 2017 we felt God tell us we needed to step out on Faith and move to Texas so my dad could be closer to my brother.   Three weeks we were on our way to Texas.  It was not an easy road but a road that has taught us faith, restoration, patience and love.

My life stays busy but I wouldn’t change it for anything.  I love taking Kykudio with my kids, my grandson, and nieces and nephew.  I love improving myself as I attend College for Business Management, serving as a door greeter at Stonewater Church and now being able to help the families of Hood County.

Thank You so much for allowing me to be a part of your family and God Bless Each of You!



Next board meeting at the Salvation Army Office on 324 Morgan St on Aug 13 at 2:00 PM

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